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A Duck in a Tree 2014-07-05 | Turn Left, and Left Again - Second Anniversary Special - Part 1 by :Zoviet*France: on Mixcloud

Since I was a teen Am being engaged to do a blending of music genres and concrete - dance music collages. Like Yves or Stokhausen my ears was popping towards combinations that at large was the mirror of the modern city soundscapes. Some kind of Kosmic music of the space traveller.  All the critics all the time claiming how much this is 'unnatural' music they are really make me a laugh. And I reminded of that Buckminster Fuller quote again, namely If it isn't nature permitable you can not do it,

Now when all the information that is ever been made is available, hunting for new is becoming increasingly boring because there is always another suggestion. The ecology of information consumption now is in danger and it is especially pleasing that all of  the Zoviet France podcasts being an 'old'  fused with very 'new'. And I am really glad that some of the pioneers of the whole genre is doing what I always gravitated towards.

Few words about podcast itself:

All the esthetics are really wonderful. Weird lo-fi artwork, digital noises right next to taped ambience next to BBC archives recordings. And it all distributed trough digital ocean of iTunes, mixcloud, pod bean etc. making them finally useful.  All the episodes are linked with intro and outro jingles.
All the best ingredients, you know...


I am a compulsive listener and if I see a work in progress I am delighted. More then one hundred episodes done and counting. That is bigger than my imagination capacities. And all of that for free!
And I am still listening, in the dark and in the headphones, through my phone speakers or trough some more elaborate equipment and it always works.

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:zoviet*france: said...

Thanks Aleksas, that's a great tribute and the kind of thing that inspires us to keep it going.