Anodyne IV

I never really went for chasing dance music but this album is remarkable. To describe a music in poetic terms might not be the best way to frame it but in just the right amount of bass, hats and noises are born harmony that is beautiful, dark, eccentric and close to me and my life. I wish I would be able to summarize it in some act or less in distribution of some sense but this days to me it is very unlikely from where I am now. To show my appreciation I decide to write this review. 

The beauty that arose from dreams of musician is something I cherish. I like it to have this final statement that is visible in overall composition. And this might be far from any academic or professional view of what music is, but some music are made to be listened to and this album is definitely of this kind. What dreams can deliver the most intricate situations sometimes don't. I adore the atmosphere of this album it is striving towards unknown. This unknown for me is the interesting part of today map where everything is seemingly on the plain sight.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree; this is a cool album...it's great music created by an artist which definitely deserves more attention! :)