The Hafler Trio - Colin Potter performance at The Machine Started to Flow Into a Vein vol.4 (Lithuania, Anyksciai 8.11.2014)

(Photos by Neringa Monika and Anyksciai Cultural Centre, full album and Moontrix on facebook, click to expand)

The bad news - you are falling.
The good news - there is no ground.

The night was long and I didn't have a chance to see all the acts, the crowd was very big as all the local people was going to expose themselves to the avant-garde world of contemporary experimental music.

Mr. Potter is a really hard-worker, with his equipment he was trying make a musical world of his own and with very developed skills and big experience I bet he has more techniques and methods to succeed in that than any other musician I know. Moreover, what can be more interesting than to do it with Andrew McKenzie? Another no-limit stalker. For me this is the history happening so I cannot judge by just esthetics. I like what they did very much, and for me it will be impossible to separate the chicken from the egg, the performance from the impression. The nature of it was spontaneous and interactive. Besides his 'usual' talking, Mr. McKenzie did play some musical instruments this time! Mr. Potter was trying to smash the walls with his sounds providing directions and misdirection’s. Therefore, I do not have a clue of what is happen there.

Nevertheless, maybe nothing came out from this night performance at all. Maybe I just missed the point or dreamed it. It seems that what they try to say is that imagination is more important and practical than local conditions, the mood-state, or the amount of beer you drank before. The only man who stay sober for all night was H3O. He concentrate and center himself without a need for any stimulation except, maybe, breathing.

Many thanks to Moontrix Corporation for organizing this event and provide accomodation for author of this blog.

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