Moritz Von Oswald @ Эму Бар, Jagermeister Night 2/8/15

Recently I was confronted with a security dismiss, it happen in Moscow at Pub Emu while inside was Moritz Von Oswald's perfomance. It was organized by Jagermeister crew, which I suppose, provide the funding. Several other messages from outsiders like me appeared later on social networks, and they all was mad. And I can understand that. It appears that organizers have not done their homework, because Basic Channel always was a democratic music for everyone, to unite and to explore. It isn't some kind of elitist, private, invite only clubbing thing. Therefore, it seems, that rejecting people to enter on the basis of some kind of invitations currency is meaningless. The more you fight the more you will be pushed back.  It is a pity that Maurizio hang out with this people, or maybe his agent has not been very carefull finding proper venue. And I will never come back to Emu Pub, of course. 

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